The Division: Base of Operations Guide

The Base of Operations is where your character and a few key Division agents work from. It works as a safe zone for you and the NPCs you work with. It’s located within a Post Office in Manhattan and will serve as an important landmark for you at all times.

The Division Base of Operations

Base of Operations Vendors

Within your base you’ll find that there are a few vendors available as soon as you enter. These vendors supply various goods including guns, armor, and weapon mods.

The following vendors are found within the base:

  • Weapons Vendor
  • Gear Vendor
  • Mods Vendor

All of these NPCs both buy and sell items. Their stock resupplies once every 24 hours. Generally speaking, the items they have available for sale are related to your character level. These are not the best pieces of gear (those are found in the Dark Zone), but they’re useful, especially when you’re first getting started.

Players can purchase weapons, armor pieces, and mods from the vendors using credits.


There are three different wings within the base – Medical, Security, and Tech – all of which require the player to complete missions to unlock. Generally the missions involve seeking out an NPC that is meant to actually run each wing.

Once unlocked, the player can then build up resources which can be used to upgrade each of the wings. Upgrading wings, in turn, unlocks various skills, talents, and perks that the player can equip to their character. Plus, each wing opens up a new area of the Base of Operations.

Medical Wing Upgrades

The Medical Wing is run by an NPC known as Dr. Jessica Kandel. After you unlock the wing you can start putting resources toward it to build it up. As you do, you’ll be given the option to unlock a total of 10 different upgrades. Below is a list of all upgrades, what they unlock, and their total resource cost.

The Division Medical Wing

Clinic – Unlocks the Medkits perk and First Aid skill. (500 medical resources)

Virus Lab – Unlocks the Protective Measures perk and Support Station skill. (500 medical resources)

Disaster Aid – Gives access to the Canned Food Supplier perk and Recovery Link skill. (1000 medical resources)

Quarantine – Unlocks the Contamination Intel perk and Pulse mods. (400 medical resources)

Intensive Care – Unlocks another Medkits perk (400 medical resources)

Hazmat Unit – Unlocks another Protective Measures perk (400 medical resources)

Decontamination Unit – Unlocks the Hazardous Materials perk and Adrenaline Triage skill (200 medical resources)

Pharmacy – Unlocks the Rigger perk, another Protective Measures, the Shock and Awe talent, and the Battle Buddy talent (200 medical resources)

Counseling – Unlocks the Credit perk, Critical Save talent, and the Shrapnel talent. (200 medical resources)

Pediatric Care – Unlocks another Medkits perk (200 medical resources)

Security Wing Upgrades

The Security Wing is led by an NPC called Captain Roy Benitez who you’ll locate as you finish the Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission. After that, you’ll have the ability to unlock the wing. This wing also has 10 different upgrades the player can complete for access to additional perks, skills, and talents. These upgrades require Security supply resources to build. Details are provided below.

The Division Security Wing

Canine Unit – Unlocks the Intel Discovery perk, Repo Reaper talent, and One is None talent. (cost TBD)

Situation Room – Unlocks the Experienced Agent perk and Smart Cover skill. (cost TBD)

Armory – Unlocks Grenades perk, Advanced Weaponry perk, and Mobile Cover skill. (cost TBD)

Shooting Range – Unlocks the Shooting Range perk, the Stopping Power talent, and the Desperate Times talent. (cost TBD)

Barracks – Unlocks the Combat Veteran perk and the Survivor Link skill. (cost TBD)

Dark Zone Ops – Unlocks the Hazardous Materials and Black Market Vendor perks. (cost TBD)

Supply Line – Unlocks the Clothes Vendor perk. (cost TBD)

Gunsmith – Unlocks the Gunsmith and Explosive Bullets perks. (cost TBD)

Procurement Team – Unlocks the Scavenger perk, Steady Hands talent, and On the Move talent. (cost TBD)

Guard Posts – Unlocks the Special Ammo and Incendiary Bullets perks as well as the Precision and Chain Reaction talents. (cost TBD)

Tech Wing Upgrades

The Tech Wing becomes available once the player locates the NPC named Paul Rhodes. You’ll find this guy during the Subway Morgue mission. Once you get him back to the base you’ll have the Tech Wing unlocked. Like the other wings, this one presents another 10 upgrade options. Each one requires Tech resources to build. Details are below.

The Division Tech Wing

Control Room – Unlocks the Inventory perk and Turret skill. (400 Tech resources)

Division Tech – Unlocks both the Engineer and Division Tech Materials perks as well as the Tactical Link skill. (cost TBD)

Communications – Unlocks the Hazardous Materials perk and the Seeker Mine skill. (cost TBD)

Central Heating – Unlocks the Energy Bar perk, Tactical Advance talent, and Demolition Expert talent. (cost TBD)

SatComms – Unlocks the Resource Assessment perk, the Police Up talent, and the Fear Tactics talent. (cost TBD)

Recalibration – Unlocks the Stat Switch perk, Evasive Action talent, and Tech Support talent. (cost TBD)

Recharge Center – Unlocks the Dark Zone Funds perk, Death by Proxy talent, and Wildfire talent. (cost TBD)

Field Engineering – Unlocks the Craftsman perk. (cost TBD)

Water Purification – Unlocks the Water perk. (cost TBD)

Generators – Unlocks the Soda perk and Sticky Bomb mods. (400 Tech resources)

Item Storage

The Base is also home to a unique storage unit known as the Stash. This is where items that are successfully extracted from the Dark Zone are placed. Any weapons, armor, and other gear you obtain from enemies or even chests in the DZ that are flown out via the extraction helicopter will be put here for safe keeping. You’ll have to make your way back to the base in order to put these items in your player inventory.


In addition to all of the above the Base also has a Restock box where the player can replenish ammunition for their weapons, snag more grenades, and get more medkits. There are also NPCs that will give you various side missions to complete.