The Division: Best Weapons in the Game

Looking to have an upper hand against other players roaming the Dark Zone? Or maybe you just need something a bit more powerful to take down those bullet-sponge enemies you encounter while playing through various missions in The Division? Either way, the best weapons in the game are hard to come by, but not impossible to get.

The Division Best Weapons

The most powerful guns in The Division are also some of the rarest. They’re most often found in the Dark Zone via either chests which require a decent DZ rank and keys to unlock or via special vendors located in various areas within the DZ.

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Best Sniper Rifle

Like to sit back and pop off enemies from afar so you can avoid taking as much damage as possible and take down opponents quickly? A sniper is definitely a good choice if you want to play like this. But which is the absolute best? Well, we don’t think we’ve seen EVERYTHING just yet, but we have a good idea…

The Classic M1A is an excellent choice. It boasts high damage, great accuracy, decent reload speed, and decent range. On top of that it doesn’t require a super high level to use. Since you’re using it as a sniper rifle you obviously want to line up your shots and aim mostly for the head to deal the most damage possible.

The Division Classic M1A

A decent alternative is the Classic M44 Carbine.

Best Assault Rifle

If assault rifles are more your thing, well, good news! There are some high-end guns you’ll definitely want to try out. These are also discussed further down the page, but the two we’re referring to are the Caduceus and the Liberator. We really like the Liberator because it packs serious punch and is great for mid-range combat.

Other ARs are likely to make an appearance later down the road. We’ll update this page if we spot anything better!

Best Marksman Rifle

Marksman rifles are typically weapons that bridge the gap between assault rifles and snipers. In other words, they deal a good amount of damage and have a little better range than your standard AR. There are two of these guns that we’ve found to be incredibly powerful – the Historian and the Tenebrae.

The Division Tenebrae

Both of these weapons are high-end and are awesome selections for players that want to deal heavy damage to enemy NPCs and other agents.

We haven’t had a big taste of the weapon variety just yet since the game is still currently in beta, but players have discovered a few of the “big boy” guns already. One is a High-End grade assault rifle named the Caduceus which deals over 4,000 damage, has a firing rate of 681 rounds per minute, and has a few mod slots for additional stat bonuses.

The Division Caduceus Assault Rifle

The other is a sweet double-barreled shotgun called the Cassidy. It, too, is a High-End weapon. This one is capable of over 2,400 DPS, has a firing rate of 200 RPM, and a mag size of 2 rounds. It’s not terribly accurate and it doesn’t have any mod slots which blows, but this thing can blow away a lot of enemies in just 2 shots. The worst part, however, is having to be in close range. It’s a shotgun so the closer the better.

The Division Cassidy Shotgun

Both of these weapons were discovered in a Safe Room in the Dark Zone. They’re available from a vendor that just happens to sell incredibly rare guns. This area is located near East 38th street (can be seen by pulling up your in-game map). Set a place marker for it as soon as you enter the Dark Zone, it’s not too far from your starting area.

Here’s a video showing the exact location of the vendor:

The biggest thing, though, is getting up enough Dark Zone funds and rank to obtain these weapons. They have a base level requirement of 8 and a DZ rank requirement of 12. In addition, both guns will set you back more than 3,000 DZ funds. So you’re going to have to play a good bit, take down AI enemies, and possibly take out some fellow agents to quickly raise your rank and get up enough funds to buy these guns.

Again, these are just the best weapons that have been discovered within the beta. There will likely be many, many more in the final release of the game. Once we have more information regarding powerful weapons we will be adding further details on this page to keep you in the loop.

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Most, if not all, of the best assault rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and other weapons will probably be found within the Dark Zone. This is where higher-level enemies reside and other agents. Both of which give you an opportunity to collect sweet gear once you’ve eliminated them. Plus, you can find awesome weapons, armor, and mods at vendors, in loot chests, and more.

Have you discovered some high-end weapons or gear that aren’t mentioned above? Drop a comment below to let us know what you got and how you got it!

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            For example, the AR-15 is actually owned by the Colt company, who bought the rights away from Armalite about 60 years ago… BUT, Armalite still has the rights to the name “AR10,” which is why they have an “AR10” rifle and an “M15” rifle. Crazy trademark stuff, but you get the idea.

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      It’s not wrong to refer to weapons as abbreviations, sure he might have used the wrong terminology but we understood what he meant. (Granted I still cringe when people call Magazines “clips” But I still know what they mean anyway.)