New Beta Preparation Video Released for The Division

Not quite sure what to expect from the closed beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division? Well, Ubisoft has recently released a video that reveals what portions of the game players will have access to and it even goes on to explain a bit about how to play through the beta as well.

The video showcases some actual gameplay in which a squad takes on enemies in the open world. It also explains how to obtain loot, how to equip weapon mods, a few tips for staying alive, and more.

Here’s the full beta preparation video:

This video is pretty useful for new players. It explains where you’ll begin (the Base of Operations), where to find vendors to purchase new weapons and gear, how to access the main missions to play through, and even how you can gain access to the Dark Zone, the destination where you can join up with or fight against other agents, plus take on higher level enemies.

Within the Dark Zone you’ll also be able to pick up keys which can be used to unlock various chests scattered throughout the map that contain better pieces of gear and weaponry. Keep in mind, though, that some of these chests require a decent Dark Zone rank to open.

The PvP aspects of the Dark Zone are pretty cool, too. But you’ll probably want to avoid encounters with other players until you have a solid feel of how to play the game. Why? Well, in the Dark Zone your deaths count against your overall rank. Plus, if you’re taken out by an enemy agent, they have the opportunity to scavenge any weapons or other gear you’ve collected, leaving you with just the basics.