The Division Blueprints: Locations and Uses

Getting started with crafting in The Division? You’ll find that in order to create certain weapons, gear, and mods, that you’ll need to find items called blueprints. These simply give you the ability to craft the item.¬†Blueprints are found scattered throughout New York. You must find them in order to craft many items.

The Division Blueprints

Blueprints themselves don’t actually enable you to start crafting. They’re literally just guidelines for creating items that reveal the necessary components needed to make various guns, pieces of armor, modifications, and more. As mentioned above, though, you need to actually find the blueprints before anything else.

The Division Blueprints

Blueprint Locations

Blueprints can be obtained primarily by completing missions, side missions, and encounters. Some missions will flat-out give you one for completion. Others simply have a chance at dropping blueprints as reward loot for completing them.

That’s not the only way to get them, though. Some of the more valuable blueprints, like the ones for high-end weapons and high-end armor are primarily obtained by purchasing them from special vendors in the Base of Operations and the Dark Zone.

High-end blueprints often require that you be at agent level 30 and Dark Zone rank 50 to buy. They also require that you use currency – either Dark Zone funds or Phoenix Credits – to purchase them. You’ll need a decent stack to get the best items so you’ll definitely want to work on farming for these currencies beforehand.

More Information

Blueprints are available for a variety of items including:

  • Weapons
  • Gloves
  • Weapon Modifications
  • Gear Modifications
  • Body Armor
  • Knee Pads
  • Masks
  • Holsters
  • etc

Every blueprint will provide a list of required materials for crafting each item. These typically consist of electronics, fabric, weapon parts, Division tech, and tools. These can be obtained via random loot drops or by deconstructing related items. Don’t forget that you can also convert lower-grade materials into more valuable mats using the conversion feature in the crafting station.