The Division Boss Locations: All Named Enemies to Farm

Looking to get your grind on and farm some of The Division’s toughest foes in hopes of getting those elusive high-end drops? Well, lucky for you, there are plenty of bosses all throughout the PvE and PvP zones that you can farm to your heart’s delight.

The Division Boss Locations

Bosses are generally named enemies that tend to be even bigger bullet sponges than the standard baddies and, more importantly, they give players the chance to score high-level gear and weaponry. The drop rates are fairly low (most claim they’re around 3-5%), but it’s still possible.

Typically, you’ll find “bosses” in the missions and such that you play through in the PvE portion of the game. The bad guys that have yellow titles and are often referred to as “named enemies” are usually mostly found in the Dark Zone, but some are in PvE missions as well.

The Division Boss Locations

Named Enemies Locations (PvE)

  • Garment District – Located underground near W 39th and W 38th streets.
  • Tenderloin – Between 6th and 7th avenues, above W 22nd street.
  • Gramercy – Between 1st and 2nd avenues, above E 23rd street.
  • Stuyvesant – Above No street
  • Murray Hill – Above East 38th Street close to where it intersects FDR dr.
  • Turtle Bay – Above 2nd avenue near where it crosses East 47th street.
  • Hudson Yards – Directly above 12th avenue
  • Midtown East – Located between 52nd street and East 53rd street, above 3rd avenue.

Boss and Elite Locations (DZ)


  1. Toward the western portion of the zone. You’ll find him in the subway.
  2. In a small alley between East 31st and East 32nd streets.
  3. Standing in the street near the DZ01/DZ02 border on 5th ave.


  1. In the southern portion of the zone at a construction area near 5th ave. He won’t be on the ground level, you’ll have to go up to the next floor to find him.
  2. In front of the library located where E 38th st and Madison ave meet.
  3. In the big sports store north of the extraction point found near W. 38th st.


  1. Located near the JTF station just east of Bryant Park.
  2. Near the extraction site found toward the middle of Bryant Park.
  3. In a train in the subway station toward the middle of the zone. You have to go to the lower level to reach him.


  1. In a parking garage toward the middle of the zone near E. 43rd st.
  2. In a contaminated area in the NE portion of the zone. He’s somewhat near E. 45th st and Madison ave. He’s pretty easy to spot once you’re in the general vicinity.


Once you venture in this zone you’ll start coming across elite enemies. These guys have even more health, do a good bit more damage, and are extremely hard to kill when playing solo. It’s best to bring a group if you’re looking to farm these guys.

  1. In front of Rockefeller Center.
  2. West of the extraction point. He’s on the lowest level of the underground area.
  3. Near W. 52nd st and 7th ave. You’ll find in the area filled with military vehicles and tents.


In zone 6 you’ll mostly be encountering named bosses. Again, like those found in DZ05, these guys are bullet sponges and deal heavy damage. You’ll definitely want to fight these guys with friends as they won’t be easy.

  1. At Mid Town Music near W. 52nd st and 6th ave.
  2. In a work-in-progress building east of the extraction area.
  3. Go underground into the subway near the NW portion of DZ06. You’ll find him on one of the lowest levels.

Tips for Farming Named Enemies

Farming the guys above can result in getting superior or high-end weapons and gear. In addition to that, you should also earn some Phoenix Credits which are useful for purchasing these same items from various vendors in the DZ and Base of Operations.The Division Bullet King Farming

It’s best to come up with a route where you and your group can run around and farm multiple bosses in succession to maximize your loot and chances of getting high-end items that can improve your gear score. Just make sure you and your friends are well-equipped to take these guys down. Always have at least one group member dedicated to healing to keep your party from being downed.

Develop strategies for attacking each of these baddies. Figure out which spots near them are the best to hunker down in. Find areas that have plenty of cover, but also open spaces so that you can dodge enemy attacks and move around to pop shots, grenades, etc at your opponents with ease.