The Division Character Creation: A Look at Customization Options

Worried about playing The Division and having your character look identical to thousands of other players? Well, while this game certainly doesn’t have the most in-depth customization system out there, there are still loads of different options that allow you to personalize your agent.

The Division Character Creation

The information we have right now for the character creation system is based on a somewhat early beta version of the game. In other words, additional options may bad added into the final version – or perhaps even removed. You never know.

That being said… let’s talk about character creation in Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Here’s a video from YouTube user, Arekkz, that showcases the various options that were available for him to play with during his run-through of the pre-beta build:

As you can see in the video, players are able to select a gender (male or female), choose a facial style, skin tones, iris colors, pick from several different hairstyles, use markings, accessories, and so on.

Again, there aren’t a massive number of options, but it does allow you to make your agentĀ a little unique. There are all kinds of tattoos, warpaints, piercings, glasses, scars, and so on that can make you stand out a bit more.

The character models, based on the video, are not the most aesthetically pleasing that we’ve seen. They don’t look terrible, but they could definitely be better. Nevertheless, the video above does NOT show all of the options that will be available in the final game.

The developers made it clear that there will be additional options available for players to use in the final build of The Division.