The Division: Clans to Join if You’re Tired of Going Solo

While playing solo can be somewhat entertaining in The Division, for most players it’s a complete nightmare – especially when attempting to take on the dominant PvP area, the Dark Zone. Plus, completing missions on higher levels of difficulty (not to mention finishing Incursions) can be extremely daunting when rolling as a single agent. That’s why clans can be a significant asset to many players.

The Division Clans

The Division Clans

Clans are groups of gamers that have come together to create a community where players can find others to group up with and play the game. Joining a clan gives you the ability to have people to play The Division with at nearly any time (especially if you join a large clan). In addition to that, you’ll meet new people that will likely become lifelong gaming buddies.

Some clans are smaller (around 10 to 30 gamers) while others are quite big (100 to 1,000 members or more). In smaller clans you’re more likely to know the majority of the players, but you may sometimes find it difficult to pair up and play due to other gamers’ social obligations, school, work, or even being in different time zones.

Larger communities may seem daunting at first, but they often offer a lot more benefits to the player. This includes having a bigger selection of gamers to connect with, community events, forums to utilize, clan contests, and more. That doesn’t mean bigger is always better – we’re just outlining the pros and cons of each.

Where to Find a Clan

Want to start looking for a clan you can join? You can typically find them advertising their communities on the official Tom Clancy’s The Division forums, but, as of right now, the best place to find a group is a nifty little website called

Division Clans Website

On this website groups create clan profiles where you can learn about each community, find out who runs them, check out their website or social media links, and determine what platforms they’re active on. Some clans are solely based on one console or PC, while others may have active members on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

On the DivisionClans website you’ll also get to see upcoming community events and the full roster for every clan. By creating an account you can actually send a request to join a clan you’re interested right from the website itself. Or, if you’d prefer not to make an account, you can simply contact one of the clan’s leaders over social media, via their forums, or by reaching out to them directly over Xbox Live, PSN, or Steam.

Benefits of Joining a Clan

Clans are beneficial on several different levels.

  • Always Have People to Play With
  • Meet New Friends on PSN / XBL / Steam
  • Skilled Groups that Can Help with Difficult PvEĀ Missions
  • Skilled Players that Can Help in the Dark Zone
  • Groups Speed Up the Leveling Process

There are a few cons, too, though. For one, there’s almost always a few players within each clan that will get on your last nerve. Some clans are also breeding grounds for individuals that love drama. Don’t worry, though, you can easily avoid obnoxious people by simply muting them or playing with agents that aren’t super annoying.

Overall, joining a clan often presents far more pros than cons. With open-world MMO-shooters like The Division – you’ll most definitely want to give clans a shot. They can help you progress through the game quite quickly and give you multiple awesome gamers to play with, too.