The Division Collector’s Edition Details for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Want to get the Tom Clancy’s The Division video game, along with a host of additional bonus goodies? Your best bet is to pick up the collector’s edition. This particular package, which is actually named the Sleeper Agent Edition, is available for a hefty $160 and comes with both digital and physical bonuses.

The Division Collector's Edition

Here’s everything you’ll get with it:

  • (1) Copy of The Division Video Game
  • (1) Season Pass
  • (1) “Save What Remains” Poster
  • (1) Collector’s Box
  • (1) The Division Official Artbook
  • (1) Agent Watch Replica
  • (1) Agent Armband
  • (1) Hazmat Gear Set (in-game items for character)

The watch is a fully functional piece that glows just like the in-game piece it mimics. The Armband is a pack that can be used to store small items.

Now for the bad news…

This edition of the game is extremely difficult to find now. The initial sets sold out within hours of release and many major retailers have been slow to restock it. Right now your best options are to look on either or GameStop.

Check current availability on Amazon

The Division Collector’s Edition for PS4 is by far the most difficult to track down. Stock seems to keep replenishing for the Xbox One but Playtation 4 and PC sets are not easy to come by.

If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper or are unable to locate a copy of the Sleeper Agent edition, you may want to at least grab the Gold Edition of The Division which includes a copy of the game and the season pass.