The Division Crafting Guide: Making and Modding Gear

In Tom Clancy’s The Division players are able to create new weapons, build armor pieces, and even modify their existing guns and protective gear through the crafting system. Players are able to access this system by using the Crafting Station located within the Base of Operations. This is not available in the beta, but will be in the main game.

The Division Crafting Basics

Your options are rather limited at first – you only get a handful of basic things to craft – but as you explore the world you’ll come across Blueprints which will be added to your station and open up new weapons, gear, and mods for you to use.

The Division Crafting System

Items players can craft include:

  • Weapons
  • Masks
  • Body Armor
  • Backpacks
  • Gloves
  • Holsters
  • Knee Pads
  • Weapon Mods
  • Gear Mods

Crafting Resources

Crafting anything requires certain resources. Below is a list of the materials you need for each of the primary crafting categories.

  • Weapon Parts
  • Tools
  • Fabric
  • Electronics
  • Division Tech

Resources can be collected by deconstructing items you pick up in PvE or the Dark Zone. You can also find crafting resources in various chests, bags, and other places around the game world. Just like standard items you pick up, resources also have rarity levels. The higher level piece of gear you dismantle, for example, the higher grade materials you will receive for doing so.

NOTE: There are also various perks that give you the ability to collect materials from the Tech, Security, and Medical wings every so often. This will be helpful for players wanting to craft items.

MaterialĀ Conversion

The Division Material Conversion

There’s also a section within the crafting station that allows players to convert low-tier crafting mats into higher tier ones. This means you can break down low-level gear, collect the materials, convert them at the station, and have higher-grade resources available for crafting. Obviously, though, it takes a good amount of junk resources to convert to rarer materials.


As mentioned above, you can unlock more crafting options by collecting Blueprints. These come in a couple different varieties – standard blueprints and Dark Zone Blueprints. Obviously you’ll find standard sets within the PvE game world and the others you’ll get while playing in the Dark Zone.

Standard blueprints will typically yield mods, weapons, and other items of common to rare nature. The Dark Zone blueprints, however, can potentially give you access to super rare or legendary grade items and mods. Just like with weapons, armor, and other gear – you’ll find the best of the best in the DZ.

If you’re new to the game, feel free to read our entire The Division game guide for help getting started.


Crafting will likely be useful to players that want to obtain items and mods a bit quicker than trying to snag them via random drops in the open world or extracting them from the Dark Zone. It will still require you to grind a bit, though, as you will need to mow down enemies a lot to collect enough resources to craft the items you want.

In the early levels you’ll find that a lot of the items and mods you’re able to craft are also available from various vendors for purchase. These items can simply be purchased using credits or Dark Zone funds. It is likely, however, that there will be gear, weapons, and mods that you can craft that won’t be easily found at vendors once your agent is at a higher level.