Ubisoft Says The Division Will Not Support Cross-Platform Play

Despite thousands of gamers hoping to see an open-world game finally have the ability to allow players across Playstation, Xbox, and PC platforms, Ubisoft has confirmed that their latest third-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division will not have this capability.

Cross-platform play has been something that many gamers have been dreaming of for years. Many believed that with the release of the current generation of consoles (the Xbox One and Playstation 4) that that dream may finally come true. Sadly, however, very few games are capable of pulling it off.

The Division Cross Platform Play

The list is quite short, honestly. The only games that come to mind that can support cross-platform play are Rocket League and Final Fantasy 14. And even these titles have limitations. In Rocket League, for example, players are only able to join up to play together in private matches, not in online matchmaking.

Will The Division ever support cross-platform playing? It’s not likely. Members of the development team have already made comments stating that they don’t have any plans to make the game allow players across consoles and PC to play together. So, the likelihood of a future update making it possible is, at the time, extremely doubtful.

Even with the recent news of Microsoft planning to make it possible for PC and Xbox users to play together, the answer is still a firm no.