The Division DLC: Details for Game Expansions and More

Ubisoft has reported that they plan to support Tom Clancy’s The Division long after its initial release. The developer has already revealed that they currently have plans for three major expansions, plus some additional free content updates that will be released over the course of the next year.

The Division DLC

The 3 DLC packs currently on the schedule are:

  • Underground
  • Survival
  • Last Stand

Very few details have been announced regarding the contents of these expansions, though.

Underground will feature a new area for players to explore that is primarily designed for four-player co-op play. The area will still be in New York City.

Survival has been described as a mini-campaign directed at veteran players that have already completed the main campaign missions in the game. It is assumed that the quests within this expansion will involve taking on missions of higher difficuly.

No information has been given regarding the Last Stand DLC.

According to various sources the free content that Ubisoft has planned will center around things like new game modes, team challenges, and more.

In addition to all of this Ubisoft has now come out and said that they will be treating The Division like a franchise. This essentially means that they want to continue supporting the game for years beyond the release of Last Stand. No official details have been given but in order to keep the game alive it’s safe to assume this means plenty of updates for endgame content, perhaps some raids with greater rewards, unique weaponry and gear, and further map expansions.

Once official announcements are made with more intel we will be posting about it on this page. This will include previews and summaries of upcoming DLC releases, info on free content updates, and more.