The Division ECHOs: Info and List of Intel Locations

Looking to learn more about the fall of New York in The Division and the events that happened immediately after the virus outbreak that caused the entire city to collapse? If so, you’ll definitely want to track down and activate all of the ECHOs that you can find. These provide great background information relevant to the game’s story line and also give your character bonus experience.

The DivisionĀ ECHOs

ECHOs, which is shorthand for Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay, are areas you can find and, upon activation, you’ll see a 3D replication of events that happened at the spot during the outbreak. These small details help paint the bigger picture of exactly what occurred when the city fell apart.

The Division ECHO Intel Locations

These are excellent opportunities to discover more lore about the game and, as mentioned above, gain some easy XP, too.

ECHO Intel Locations

As of right now there are 63 known ECHOs throughout The Division game world. Some are easily accessible by just exploring New York and finding them as you’re running around. Others, however, will often require that you play through missions to reach them. This is because some ECHOs are located in rooms with the bosses that you face against in the story and security missions.

ECHOsĀ are broken down into various categories. You can find the full list here.

Other Details

The ECHO system is also how your character scans and identifies objects, citizens, and other players in the open world. So, in reality, it’s an all-in-one intel system that provides you with information about your surroundings. Most people focus on it’s ability to find the ECHO spots that reveal game lore and boost experience, though.

NOTE: Future DLC expansions may add additional intel locations. We’ll keep you updated.