The Division: Every Player Emote in the Game

Don’t have a mic or just don’t want to communicate with other players that you encounter in The Division via voice chat? No problem. Ubisoft has incorporated a total of six different emotes that players can use within the game. These range from for-fun maneuvers that serve little purpose to more clear and direct motions that convey specific messages.

The Division Emotes

Here is a video from YouTube user, Arekkz, that shows off all of the emotes that players have access to:

The 6 available right now are:

  • Salute
  • Jumping Jack
  • Surrender
  • Help
  • Applaud
  • Wait

According to many players, the Jumping Jack motion has been used to signify friendly behavior within the Dark Zone. This just means that if you come across a player and he/she begins using this emote that, usually, they do not intend to enter combat with you. Of course, once this becomes common knowledge it will likely be used as a trap to make opponents temporarily drop their guard and an ensuing firefight will occur regardless.

The other emotes are a bit more straightforward. Salute can be used to say hello or even express respect to another player. Surrender is a rather obvious one, but will likely end with your body on the ground, being looted by the other party. Help is another self-explanatory one. Whether or not players will actually use it or be helpful when you perform this move is another story.

Applaud can obviously be used to congratulate one another for a successful operation or kill. Wait has a fairly clear interpretation as well.

NOTE: These are the only emotes available in the game at this time. While it hasn’t been mentioned by Ubisoft, it’s fair to assume that there could be additional emotes added in at a later date. If they follow Destiny’s cue, they could very well come as paid microtransactions, but they could also be added in via free content updates. Again, this is not official, it’s just speculation at this time.