The Division Error Codes (Delta, Romeo, Mike, etc) Explained

Getting a lovely error pop up each and every time you try to start up Tom Clancy’s The Division? Your frustration is being felt throughout the world as thousands of players are experiencing these exact same issues. A lot of it stems from server problems, likely due to a high number of gamers trying to connect at the same time, but, nevertheless, they’re quite annoying.

The Division Error Codes

Alright, so let’s talk about the actual codes, what they mean, and what can be done to fix them right now. Bare in mind, though, that some of these problems may crop up a bit often over the next few days – basically until either Ubisoft resolves them or the player numbers drop a bit, making it easier to connect to the game.

The Division Error Codes

The most common codes people are getting right now are:

  • Delta
  • Mike
  • Romeo
  • Sierra
  • Lima

Sometimes these errors will also be accompanied by a message saying something like “The Division services are not available at this time.”

How to Fix Errors

Unfortunately, there’s every little that you – the user – can do about these errors. They’re all server related which means unless your Internet connection itself is having problems (i.e. you can’t connect to online services on other games or the connection is super slow) – you’ll just have to wait it out until Ubisoft comes through and corrects the problem.

Again, when you’re talking about a major game’s first day out a big part of the reason these errors happen is because of server strain. There are just so many people trying to get on that the servers can’t handle it and either crash or block you out in an attempt to compensate for the server overload.

These same kinds of issues happened with Destiny, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, and countless other games when they first released. Yes, it’s maddening, but that’s just how it is.

If the problems persist for you for an extended period of time, be sure to get in touch with Ubisoft support. Even if they say they can’t do anything for you at the time, at least you’re contributing by making them aware of the issues and encouraging them to work as hard and quickly as possible to get things up and running smoothly.

These issues are happening on all platforms – Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

  • Joshua Ducket

    im really geting tired of this fucking error i just got the game how to i fix it its error romeo 10590100 contact me at my email


  • Jose Membreno

    I keep getting delta 200001014 idk why and i like the division and it urks me that i cant play it