The Division: Gear Score Explained and How to Increase It

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, one way to determine if a player is ready for the challenges in difficult missions, incursions, or even the deeper areas of the Dark Zone is to analyze their gear score. This is a rating given to all players based on the armor, weapons, mods, and other items the player has equipped. Today, we’re going to talk more about what this number means.

The Division Gear Score

Gear Score is an in-game mechanic designed to help players find other gamers within their same “level”, per se, to match up with and complete PvE or PvP content. This rating is a cumulative number that increases as the player equips higher-grade gear and weapons.

The Division Gear Score

Gear Score is, however, only associated with items that are level 30 and above. So, if you’re putting on lower-tier backpacks, gloves, body armor, guns, and so on, you won’t actually be contributing to your overall rating. In fact, these lower-level items will actually drag down your score because they essentially equate to having a 0 within the overall average total. There are some pretty great gear sets in the game that will boost your score a good bit, but they take a while to collect.

Incursion GS Recommendations

In order to play through incursions such as Falcon Lost and Clear Sky successfully, you’ll need to equip enough high-level items and weaponry to meet the minimum GS requirements. The game suggests two different ratings based on the Hard and Challenging difficulties.

Falcon Lost

  • Hard – 140 GS
  • Challenging – 160 GS

Clear Sky

  • Hard – 160 GS
  • Challenging – 180 GS

NOTE: These are MINIMUM recommendations. Obviously having a higher rating will mean that you are better equipped to take on the challenges presented in these raids.

How to Increase Your Gear Score

Want to up your rating so you’ll be better prepared to group up with other players to play through difficult missions and raids? When you first hit level 30 it won’t be too difficult to start building up your The Division New Artscore since a lot of the drops you’ll get will now be rarer, more powerful items. After that, though, get ready to grind!

The easiest way to get better gear that will contribute to increasing your GS is to farm items. The most common methods of doing this are repeatedly taking down bosses (named enemies) in higher-difficulty missions or by completing the incursions over and over again.

Other ways include farming Phoenix Credits to spend at vendors for high-end weapons and gear, buying blueprints to craft higher-level items yourself, and, of course, grouping up, going rogue, and killing other agents to steal the gear they’ve collected in the Dark Zone.

What GS Really Means

While having a high Gear Score is definitely a plus – it is by no means an indication of player skill. This is especially true when it comes to exploring the DZ. Don’t just assume that a player with a 140 or lower GS is terrible and easy to take down.

A skilled player with a 120 GS rating can wipe you out just as quickly as one with a 200+ GS. NEVER use GS as an indicator of skill.

The GS rating is simply designed to give you an idea of what the player is using in terms of character gear and weaponry. Beyond that the number means absolutely nothing. It’s good for figuring out who’s actually prepared to dive into an incursion – it is NOT good for determining who will be an easy or difficult target in the Dark Zone.