The Division is a huge and ambitious game. Much like Destiny, the game has both PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) elements to it. Whether you’re taking on the difficult missions scattered throughout New York or you’re battling against the powerful foes and other agents in the Dark Zone, you need to be prepared.

There’s a lot to this game. If you’re new, it can be extremely overwhelming.

You have to learn about…

  • Attributes and Mods for Gear
  • Weapon Mods and Talents
  • Character Abilities, Talents, and Perks
  • Crafting
  • Consumables and Resources
  • Important Locations
  • The Lawless Lands of the Dark Zone
  • ….and much, much more

That’s enough to make your head spin. And if you proceed without knowing what you’re doing you’ll just be walking the streets of NYC aimlessly, not understanding what to do, and, more than likely…dying…. a lot.

The Division Guide

That’s why the The Division Agent Survival Guide¬†was created. This guide is an invaluable resource of information, especially for newbies.

The Division Guide

It covers literally everything you need to know about the game, both for PvE and the Dark Zone.

The guide shows players the pros and cons of weapons, teaches them how to acquire funds to purchase new gear, provides powerful strategies for completing missions and taking down bosses, shows you how to create a great build for both solo and team play, gives pointers on how to survive the madness of the Dark Zone….. and a whole lot more.

To put it simply.. this is the most comprehensive guide available for The Division.

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It’s not one of those fancy “official strategy guides” that GameStop shoves down your throat when you buy your games. It’s way more in-depth than that. Those so-called guides are really nothing more than glorified game manuals with lots of pretty pictures.

Who needs that? No one, that’s who.

All you need is solid information. And that’s exactly what our guide provides. All essential intel – no fluff.

The Division Dark Zone

Here’s everything the Agent Survival¬†Guide gives you:

  • Details About the BEST Weapons and Gear to Use
  • How to Create POWERFUL Character Builds Using Talents and Perks
  • Tips and Tricks for Surviving and Racking Up Awesome Loot in the Dark Zone
  • Strategies for Beating Even the Toughest PvE Missions
  • In-Depth Tutorials for Crafting and Modding

As we said before.. this is literally the most comprehensive guide to the game you’ll find.

No 50-page artwork section

No BS general game information

No fluff

Plus, you’ll get your hands on the guide IMMEDIATELY after payment. That’s right, this is an ebook, not a physical copy that’ll take a couple weeks to ship. You’ll have access to all the info you need within seconds.

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