The Division High-End Weapons: Full List and Details

Trying to raise your gear score significantly and find some guns that’ll do a better job of tearing through those bullet-sponge enemies scattered throughout missions and the Dark Zone of The Division? If it’s power your after, you’ll definitely want to start keeping a keen eye out for high-end weaponry.

The Division High-End Weapons

High-end weapons refer to the assault rifles, marksman rifles, pistols, shotguns, LMGs, and other guns that are named and designated by a gold title.

The Division High-End Weapons

At the moment these are among the most powerful weapons you can get in The Division. They tend to have relatively high DPS ratings compared to lower-tier guns. In addition to having strong base damage, they also have various weapon talents that give you bonuses such as increased damage, healing, and a lot more.

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Named Weapons List

Below is a complete list of all known named high-end weapons currently available in The Division, sorted by their weapon types.

Assault Rifles

Marksman Rifles

  • Historian
  • Tenebrae


  • Midas
  • Valkyria


  • 100 Hour
  • Pakhan


  • Cassidy


  • Centurion
  • Defiler
  • Damascus

The links provided above will take you to pages dedicated to each weapon where you can learn about the stats, talents, and other attributes of each one.

NOTE: Additional high-end guns will likely be added to the game as time goes on. We will update this page to reflect any changes if and when they are made.

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How to Get High-End Weapons

The only place you’re likely to even catch a glimpse of these extra-powerful guns before you hit level 30 The Division High End Pakhanis at various safe room vendors within the Dark Zone. Once you reach level 30, however, you’ll start having a chance to get them via drops and a number of other means.

These include:

  • Vendor at the DZ06 Safe Room
  • Special Gear Vendor in the Base of Operations
  • Elite Drops
  • Mission Completions (challenging difficulty only)
  • Crafting
  • Incursions (from bosses or as rewards for completing on Hard or Challenging)

In order to buy these weapons straight-up from vendors you’ll need to have a healthy sum of Phoenix Credits, a special in-game currency that vendors accept for rare and powerful pieces of gear, weapons, and more.

How to Farm High-End Weapons

Because these particular guns are basically the end-game loot that you’ll be spending a LOT of time grinding for, you’ll probably want to know how you can effectively farm them. Well, it isn’t easy, and it does require spending a good amount of time grinding, but there are a few ways that are more efficient than others.

Named Enemy Farming

Named enemies are a core source of these guns. It’s been said that all of them have at least a 5% chance of dropping special weapons at all times. This is why many players dedicate most of their time playing The Division to seeking out and killing “elite” enemies over and over again.

The Division Sorretto Boss

Most of these enemies are bosses in missions or incursions. There are plenty to choose from, though. You’ll see them both in the general PvE zones as well as in the Dark Zone.

Named enemies you’ll encounter in the story and side missions include:

  • Bullet King (Times Square)
  • Sorretto (Clinton)
  • Belzer (Tenderloin)
  • Cpl. Wright (Gramercy)
  • Sgt. Lewis (Kips Bay)
  • Cpl. Dorsman (Murray Hill)
  • Sgt. Jacks (Turtle Bay)
  • Apollo (Midtown East)
  • Simon Burris (Clinton)
  • Big P (Hell’s Kitchen)
  • Big G (Flatiron District)
  • Trigger Mike (Kips Bay)
  • Cpt. Craig (Murray Hill)
  • Sergeant Belden (Turtle Bay)
  • Ice Man (Stuyvesant)
  • Sgt. Mosley (Midtown)

Daily Missions

If done on the challenging difficulty the daily missions can also present great opportunities to get some great loot. First of all, killing the bosses in these missions give you the ability to score a high-end drop. Secondly, you’ll also be rewarded with Phoenix Credits after completing them which you can then use to purchase the weapons from the special vendors once you have enough saved up.


Another method of getting these powerhouse weapons is to simply craft them yourself. This requires getting blueprints for the guns from vendors then collecting enough resources to construct them. The blueprints can also be acquired from DZ drops.

The Division Crafting High End Weapons

Each blueprint calls for the use of different materials. These will consist of things like electronics, fabric, tools, and weapon parts. The amount of these materials and quality will vary a bit as well. Just like gear and guns, mats also have different rarities. As you can probably guess, in order to craft high-end gear or weapons you’ll need a lot of rarer materials.

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To conclude – yes, it will likely take you a WHILE to actually get your hands on the NAMED high-end guns in the game. It takes a bit to get unnamed ones as well, but it’s not that bad. Just focus your time on taking down named baddies, collecting Phoenix Credits, and crafting and before long you’ll have every piece of those beautiful gold legends in no time.

Fast-track your progress by using the tips, tricks, and strategies provided in this guide.

Don’t worry if you don’t get named guns, though – seriously. There are tons of standard high-end weapons without special names that can be bought from vendors that still pack serious punch.