How to Level Up Super Fast in The Divison to Hit the Cap

One of the first missions of most players in practically any game, whether it be an MMO or first-person shooter, is to be among the first people to reach the game’s level cap. In The Division, that’s currently at 30. At least for your general character level, anyway.

The Division actually has two different leveling systems in it. The first is your standard character level which is often referred to as your Agent level. The other is your Dark Zone rank which, in this game, is your PvP ranking. You progress each one a little differently. We explain this below and provide tips that will help you rank up faster, too.

The Division Fast Leveling Tips

First, let’s talk about your Agent level. Now this is fairly easy to progress. Just like in nearly any other RPG – you earn experience for doing practically anything in the game. Completing missions, killing enemies, finding intel, activating echos, discovering new areas, and even providing assistance to civilians all dish out XP.

The Division Leveling Guide

But what’s the quickest route to 30?


One of the biggest things that yields a ton of experience is completing missions. You’ll earn XP for taking down the enemies, for getting new loot, and a big bonus for actually finishing the mission. If you really want to maximize your efforts, though, you’ll want to go into the mission options menu (hold Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbone) and set the difficult to a higher setting.

When you do this, ¬†yes, the mission will be a bit tougher to complete because the enemies will tend to be a bit more aggressive and be even more of a bullet sponge than normal. But… if you manage to complete the mission on these higher settings it pays off… BIG TIME.

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The XP bonus at the end is much larger. Plus, you’ll also gain bonus credits, resources, and other items which are useful, especially when you’re first getting started. Use our in-depth guide to The Division to learn how to make powerful character builds for easy completions of stuff like this.

NOTE: Missions are much easier and faster to complete with a squad. They can still be completed solo, but tend to be more difficult and take up more of your time this way. If you have no one to play with, we recommend checking out, a website dedicated to helping players find other players to group up with to complete missions or even roll together in the Dark Zone.


Another thing you may want to focus on is building up the Security Wing for your Base of Operations. Why? Well, this particular wing gives you access to some nifty perks that can actually boost your XP gains while playing.

Experienced Agent, for example, increases earned XP by 10% for ALL activities. To unlock it you’ll need to get the Situation Room upgrade for the Security Wing. Another helpful perk is Combat Veteran, (boosts XP from accolades by 25%), which requires the Barracks upgrade to the Security Wing.

Exploration and Looting

Another relatively quick and easy way to rack up experience is to simply explore as much of New York as you can, as fast as you can. Be sure to stop at every chest and bag to loot them, too, though as this gives XP, too. And, if you’ve got medkits to spare, toss some to the needy citizens in the streets for bonus experience.

Discovering new locations yields XP as does finding and activating the various echo locations around the map. So, to get as much experience as possible from your travels make sure you’re opening everything, activating echos, helping citizens, and killing any enemies along the way.

How to Rank Up Fast in the Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is a bit different from the PvE world. Here, you’ll find yourself pitted against other Agents and more powerful enemies. The leveling system is different, too. Your Agent level really doesn’t apply here. Instead, you’ll need to focus on your DZ Rank – a separate ranking system used within the PvP instances.

General Leveling

How can you progress your DZ rank? This is mainly accomplished by taking down high level AI foes as well as other agents. You have to be careful, though. Any time you die in these zones – your rank will go down a bit. So, in order to maintain positive progress you’re going to have to not only earn kills, but also stay alive.

Going Rogue

The fastest way to earn XP in the Dark Zone is also one of the most dangerous. It’s called ‘going Rogue’. This means you’ve turned on other agents and become a hostile enemy. Any kills you earn while in the Rogue status net bonus experience.

The Division Agent vs Agent

So, if you’ve got great gear and are a decent player this presents an excellent opportunity to significantly increase your Dark Zone rank, as well as get keys, new weapons, and armor by taking down agents and taking the goods they’ve collected while traversing the zone. Just remember that you’ve got to perform a successful extraction to get those precious items out yourself.