The Division: Item Rarity Guide

Loot is a pretty big aspect of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Not every piece is created equal, however. Everything from weapons down to crafting resources has a rarity level. The game’s loot system lets you easily identify the rarity of every item you obtain through a color coding.

The Division Item Rarity

All items you get, whether it be in the PvE game world or in the Dark Zone (contaminated items), will be displayed in a specific color. Each color indicates a different level of rareness.

The Division Item Rarity

  • White = Common
  • Green = Uncommon
  • Blue = Rare / Specialized
  • Purple = Epic
  • Orange = Legendary

There have also been mentions of gear that is yellow which has been named “high-end”.

The best weapons and pieces of gear are the ones you’ll get in the Dark Zone either from random loot drops from AI enemies and other agents or you can obtain them from various vendors throughout the area, too.

Getting Loot

Loot isn’t too hard to come by in this game. You can get items from killing PvE enemies, taking down bosses, from vendors located in the Base of Operations, from wiping out other agents in the Dark Zone, from vendors throughout the DZ, or even by crafting them yourself.

The Division Loot

Loot drops from fallen foes are all based on RNG, of course. For those that aren’t familiar with that term, it just means that all loot is dealt out via a random number generator with chances for low-tier items being much higher than the chances of popping rare, epic, or legendary pieces.

In other words… be prepared to grind… A LOT…. if you want to snag some of the coolest items in the game.

Or, alternatively, you can spend countless hours in the Dark Zone, raising your rank, collecting keys, and opening high-level chests with the hopes that you’ll pop some sweet gear. Your chances of getting high-grade gear are much higher this way, but you’ll have to collect a ton of Dark Zone keys and get out of the DZ alive to hold on to them.

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