The Division: Level Cap Revealed

Just getting started in The Division and trying to figure out what your current end goal should be? Well, for most players, reaching the maximum level is the first milestone in a game like this. But what is the level cap?

The Division Level Cap

According to everything that’s been published about the game so far it seems that, as of right now, the current level cap is level 30. You can, however, further improve your character beyond level 30 by locating and equipping high-level armor and weapons. For now, these are mainly found in the Dark Zone, but will likely be available in PvE raids in the future, too.

The level cap will likely be raised once the DLC expansions start coming out. Why? Well, most players will likely have hit level 30 by then and be looking for other challenges. So, Ubisoft will no doubt be raising the cap in the future. Don’t forget to read our leveling tips for The Division to learn how to make quick progress.

It’s probably safe to assume that this will be applied to the Dark Zone rank later down the road, too. Once everyone gets decked out in end-game gear and plays through the DZ for countless hours they’ll all likely be around the rank cap for that as well. Hence the need for a higher level limit months from now.