The Division: Liberator Gun Stats, Location, and More

The Liberator is a high-end assault rifle that players can obtain in Tom Clancy’s The Division. In order to get this gun you either have to purchase it directly from one of the special vendors found in the Dark Zone or you can craft it yourself using the Liberator blueprint. The gun is a much-upgraded variant of the M4.

The Division Liberator Assault Rifle

Liberator Stats

This weapon is categorized as high-end and requires that players be at agent level 30 and DZ rank 50 to get. Stats on it tend to vary a bit depending on the roll you obtain whenever you buy or craft the gun, but it has pretty good damage (around 7500), a quick firing rate (850 RPM) and a clip size of about 30 rounds.

The accuracy is pretty high, the reload speed is mediocre, it has decent range for an AR, and the stability fairly decentĀ for this weapon type.

Damage: ~7500

Fire Rate: 850 RPM (rounds per minute)

Magazine Size: 30 rounds

The permanent weapon talents for the Liberator are Competent (increases damage a bit after using skills) and Talented (increases skill power temporarily after getting a kill). The gun also has 4 mod slots.

Here’s a video that shows the gun in action:


In order to buy the gun outright you’ll need to locate a DZ vendor and have a decent amount of Phoenix Credits on hand to spend.

Final Say

The Liberator is easily one of the best weapons in The Division right now. It tears through tough enemies (purples and yellows) and is great for PvP in the Dark Zone as well. As long as you aim properly and take cover when necessary you should do pretty well with this gun.

Some people, however, have stated that they believe the high-end AK-74 that’s often sold by the DZ vendors is a better assault rifle to use in terms of damage output and handling.