The Division M1A (High-End): Stats and How to Get It

If you’re hunting for a gun that basically operates as a powerful sniper rifle, you’ve no doubt already heard about the high-end M1A. This is by far one of the most popular marksman rifles to date in Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s a strong gun to begin with, but with the right roll it’s an absolute monster.

The Division M1A

The standard M1A is a pretty decent weapon in itself. It’s a semi-automatic marksman rifle with good accuracy, damage, and stability. What you really want, however, is a high-end model that comes with the Balanced talent.

The Division M1A High End

Why? Well, because it essentially makes this a laser-precision gun that hits headshots with ridiculous ease. In many cases it’s downright OP. Without this talent the gun has a bit of recoil and isn’t 100% accurate despite being semi-auto. With it, however, you can nail your target in the face with almost every bullet without much work.

M1A Variants

Just like other weapons in the game, the M1A has a few different variants that can drop.

These are:

  • Classic
  • First Wave

Generally, most people like to see the First Wave M1A drop simply because it seems to be a bit more accurate and it doesn’t restrict your use of underbarrel mods. The classic is the base gun. The SOCOM tends to have more recoil and limits what you can use for underbarrel mods.

All of the other stats of the gun including damage and talents vary a bit no matter what variant you get. It just depends on what roll you get whenever the weapon drops for you.

Mod Slots

The standard M1A gives players the ability to add magazine, large optic, large muzzle, and skin mods to the gun. The SOCOM version, on the other hand, adds the ability to attach underbarrel mods, but only the small ones. The First Wave variant allows both underbarrel mod sizes making it a bit more versatile and the ideal choice for a high-end drop.

M1A Review

The M1A (the regular one) is a decent weapon, but it’s nothing spectacular. Once you get up to level 30 and beyond the gun will feel like a pea-shooter compared to other, higher-grade weapons in the game. The only exception, of course, is when you get a high-end variant.


  • Good Accuracy
  • Strong Damage
  • Easy to Use


  • Can Take FOREVER to Get
  • Superior Versions Aren’t Anything Special

Overall, it’s a great weapon, but only if you can get your hands on a gold one. Unless you’re below level 30 the superior and lower versions of this marksman rifle aren’t really anything to jump for joy about.

How to Get the High-End M1A

As stated above, this gun is nowhere near as useful unless you get it rolled with the Balanced talent. In order for that to happen you’ve got to get a high-end version of the weapon. So, how do you get it? Well, there are several options.

The high-end M1A comes as a random drop from more challenging enemies. This means you’ll have to hunt down bosses, elites, and other named foes to get a chance at it dropping.

Your best bet is to develop a good farming run in either some of the PvE missions or in the Dark Zone and keep running through them on the Hard difficulty, focusing on taking down the yellow-barred baddies over and over again to increase your likelihood of getting that golden M1A to pop from RNG.