The Division: Complete Map with All Locations Labeled

The portion of the game map that players had access to in the beta for The Division amounted to only about 22% of the entire playable space. The entire game world is separated into various districts. These all have recommended levels for entering the zones based on enemy difficulty within each location.

The Division Map

Below we’ve provided a look at the full game map for The Division and provided the names of each district along with the recommended minimum levels to play in every area.

The Division Map

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Locations and Level Requirements

Chelsea: Levels 2-4

Pennsylvania Plaza: Levels 3-5

Hudson Yards: Levels 5-9

Tenderloin: Levels 9-12

Hell’s Kitchen: Levels 10-13

Times Square: Levels 10-13

Clinton: Levels 14-15

Flatiron District: Levels 15-16

Stuyvesant: Levels 16-18

Gramercy: Levels 16-18

Kips Bay: Levels 20-23

Murray Hill: Levels 24-26

Turtle Bay: Levels 27-28

Midtown East: Levels 28-30

Garment District: UNKONWN

Dark Zone Districts

The list below shows the level requirements for each section of the Dark Zone.

DZ01: Levels 10-12

DZ01: Levels 13-15

DZ03: Levels 16-18

DZ04: Levels 22-24

DZ05: Levels 27-29

DZ06: Levels 29-30


NOTE: The levels mentioned above were taken from data established by the beta. It is possible that the zones by level will change with the final build of the game. If that happens, we will update the list accordingly.


Additions are expected to be made to the map with the release of the expansions for The Division. When details are released for these areas we will update this page to reflect the changes.

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