The Division: Missions, Side Missions, and Encounters Guide

A large portion of Tom Clancy’s The Division focuses on PvE (player versus environment) content – similar to Destiny. This content allows players to explore an open game world, complete story missions, side missions, encounters, and a variety of other tasks to learn more about the story of the game, earn experience, acquire loot, and more.

The Division Missions

PvE content is actually segregated into a variety of different types. Most of what you’ll be doing, however, falls into one of three categories: missions, side missions, and encounters. These are explained in more detail below.

The Division Missions

Missions essentially refer to your standard campaign segments. The majority of these are associated with your Base of Operations and involve completing tasks to build up the Medical, Security, and Tech wings by locating persons of interest or other jobs. According to various reports there are a total of 26 different campaign missions to play through.

Known Medical missions include:

  • Madison Field Hospital (level 4)
  • Hudson Refugee Camp (level 7)
  • Broadway Emporium (level 8)
  • Amherst’s Apartment (level 14)
  • Russian Consulate (level 27)

Known Security missions include:

  • Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint (level 5)
  • Napalm Production Site (level 10)
  • Lexington Event Center (level 20)
  • Queens Tunnel Camp (level 24)
  • Grand Central Station (level 26)

Known Tech missions include:

  • Subway Morgue (level 6)
  • Times Square Power Relay (level 12)
  • Police Academy (level 16)
  • WarrenGate Power Plant (level 18)
  • Rooftop Comm Relay (level 22)

Most campaign missions take roughly 20 to 25 minutes to complete. Some are a bit shorter, others a tad longer. Your speed will vary depending on your skill, equipped gear, and whether you’re playing solo or with a squad.

Completing these missions will result in experience gains, credits, and some loot.

There are two difficulties that story missions can be played on: normal and hard. Completing a mission on hard mode results in bonus XP, credits, and chances at better weapon and gear drops.

Need help developing your build to take on the higher difficulties? Be sure to check out our strategy guide to get some helpful hints and suggestions.

The Division Side Missions

Side missions, as one can probably guess, are other, smaller quests that are available for that player that are not necessarily tied to the main story line. Completing these will still give your character XP toward the progress of your agent level, credits to buy items with, Blueprints, and some loot.

The Division Side Missions

Here is a list of the kinds of quests you’ll get for side missions:

  • Bounties (Locate and kill specified targets)
  • Investigation (Locate and bring back various supplies)
  • Missing Persons (Locate specified NPCs)
  • Rescue (Locate and save specified NPCs)
  • Supply Drop (Locate and secure supply drops)
  • Uplink Repair (Find JTF antennas and bring communications back online)

Once side missions become available to you, you’ll find which ones you’re able to complete by checking the Notice Board in your Base of Operations.

The Division Encounters

Encounters are somewhat similar to side missions, but rather than just being general quests to carry out each one is associated with one of the wings in your Base (i.e. Medical, Security, or Tech). These missions do, however, offer the ability to collect supplies needed to upgrade each wing in your base as you complete them.

The Division Encounters

As of right now, there are only a handful of these encounters available in the game. They are listed below, organized by what wing each one is intended for.

Medical Encounters

  • Hostage Rescue
  • Virus Research
  • Water Supply

Security Encounters

  • Assault the Stronghold
  • Checkpoint
  • JTF Support

Tech Encounters

  • Arms Deal Disruption
  • Mercy Drop
  • Supply Acquisition

Daily Missions

Once you’ve reached level 30 as an agent and are moving on to start playing endgame content, you’ll gain access to a new set of missions (sort of). These are known as dailies or challenging missions.

These aren’t really “new”, per se. They’re actually just the same story missions, but they’re now available to play on the Challenging difficulty. Upon completing these daily quests on this increased difficulty setting you’ll earn better loot drops and, more importantly, Phoenix Credits, which can be used at special vendors to purchase high-end weapons and gear pieces.

The Division Daily Challenging Missions

These are the four missions you’ll commonly play on Challenging mode as dailies:

  • Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
  • Lexington Event Center
  • Russian Consulate
  • WarrenGate Power Plant

NOTE: The missions available as a daily may change in the future.

Playing on Challenging mode means you’ll see more yellow bar and purple bar enemies. These guys typically have a lot more health, can deal more damage, and are sometimes referred to as Elites.

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