The Division Open Beta Details: Dates, Platforms, and More

A slip-up from the Italian division of Xbox has made it known that Ubisoft plans to hold an open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division in February. This comes just a few weeks after the conclusion of the closed beta in which players that pre-ordered the game were able to get access to an early build and play for a few days.

The Division Open Beta Xbox One

According to the leak the open beta will run from February 16th through the 21st. The Xbox leak reveals that Xbox One owners will once again get a 24 hour head-start over Playstation 4 and PC users. This means that Xbone users will likely have Feb 16th all to themselves and then the beta will be available on PS4/PC beginning Wednesday, February 17th.

As of right now there are now details about what content players will have access to in the open beta, but it will likely be the same as the closed beta. This means having the ability to play through some of the game’s missions and also venture into the Dark Zone for PvP combat.

Ubisoft likely wants to use this beta as a stress test for servers to ensure their hardware can handle a large number of players being active simultaneously. This has been done for many games in the past and is usually a good test for developers to see how servers run, find any bugs that may occur when the game is at capacity, and so on.

What may have run smoothly in the closed beta, may have an entirely different outcome in the open beta. Many players don’t realize it, but the more players that are on a game at the same time, the heavier the load is on the game servers. This can cause all kinds of unforeseen issues. This is why many games have a lot of bugs or game-breaking problems at launch – because developers just can’t predict what will happen when the game is packed to the brim with players.

Once more details are released for The Division’s open beta, we will be posting them here on this page.