The Division Pakhan: Gun Stats and Where to Get It

The Pakhan is one of the very few high-end light-machine guns available for players to obtain and use in Tom Clancy’s The Division. It can be purchased directly, but for a very hefty sum of credits. Nevertheless, it’s a powerful LMG which, if that’s your weapon-type of choice, is worth getting.

The Division Pakhan

The Pakhan is a stylish LMG with a wood and gold trimmed skin. It does a decent amount of damage, has an okay magazine size, and is fully-automatic. Not many people seem to care to use light-machine guns in this game, but this one is definitely a decent weapon. In other words – try it before you knock it.

The Division Pakhan

DPS: 53,000+

Firing Rate: 650 RPM

Clip Size: 45 rounds

Level: 30+

This LMG has pretty decent accuracy and a good reload speed for this weapon type, but it does suffer a bit in terms of range and stability. These things can, however, be improved by using various mods.


Every named weapon has its own unique set of pre-programmed, permanent gun talents associated with it. This includes the lovely Pakhan. The talents are detailed below.

Swift: Reload speed is 13% faster.

Destructive: With this weapon active, your character’s armor destruction is increased by 18%.

Ferocious: When used against Elite or named enemies, damage output is increased by 13%.

Mod Slots

The Pakhan has three different mod slots that players can utilize. It can use both small and large optic mods, large muzzle mods, and magazine mods.

Thanks to the quick reloading of the weapon, it’s not really necessary to have a larger magazine. Mods that directly improve the stability and range of the gun, however, are definitely worth using. They aren’t 100% necessary because, as we point out below, these stats aren’t too terrible on the gun, but if you want to try them out – go for it.

Weapon Review

The Pakhan is actually a pretty decent gun. While the in-game stats tell you that the stability and range aren’t that great on it, it’s really not that bad.

In fact, this LMG seems to perform very well at medium range and is even viable for long-range gunfights when it’s used appropriately. The fast reload speed allows you to be constantly dishing out damage to enemies which makes taking down those bullet-hungry arsewipes less of a chore.

The Division Pakhan Review

On top of a quick reload the Pakhan’s Destructive talent also allows you to eat away at enemy armor at a quicker pace. Couple that with the other talent (Ferocious) and you’re able to do some serious damage against those yellow-health-barred jerks that love to soak up bullets for breakfast.


  • Fast Reloading
  • Extra Damage Against Elites
  • Performs Well at Mid-Long Range
  • Talents Sync Together Beautifully
  • Great for PvE


  • Very Expensive
  • Not Ideal for CQC (close quarters combat)

The Pakhan is definitely worth using in PvE. It can also work well in PvP, but primarily against AI, not against other agents.

Where to Get It

This is one of the very few high-end weapons in The Division that you don’t have to rely on random drops to get. It does, however, end up taking a while to get because you’ll need a pretty good amount of credits to buy it.

The Pakhan can be purchased from the Advanced Weaponry Vendor within your Base of Operations. This, of course, means that you need to have your Security Wing built up enough to have unlocked this particular vendor.

Once you have the vendor and are at least level 30, he will (at random times) carry the Pakhan in his inventory. It does, however, cost more than 480,000 credits. Yes, that’s right… over 480k. The price is arguably ridiculous but, then again, considering how good of a gun it is… it is worth it if you like LMGs.