The Division Exploit for Unlimited Phoenix Credits & Crafting Resources Discovered

Yet another exploit has been found in Tom Clancy’s The Division. This one gives players the ability to rack up an unlimited number of Phoenix Credits and materials for crafting. This one is working post patch 1.02 but will likely be sealed up tight within the next couple of days once the developers catch wind of it and find a solution for it.

The Division Exploit

This exploit takes advantage of a weird glitch with the Police Academy mission in the level 16-18 zone, Gramercy. In order to pull it off players must equip the mobile cover ability, glitch yourself through the doors of the building, activate one of the ECHOs, plus a few other steps.

For those that are willing to game the system, here’s a video that details exactly how to execute the glitch:



NOTE: While we haven’t heard anything about it yet, developers of other MMO-style games have been known to dish out temporary or even permanent bans on players that participate in game exploits like this one. We do not condone the use of exploits and, if you opt to use one, just know that there’s always a chance that it could result in a termination of your ability to play The Division – whether it be short term or long term.

This is all repeatable and results in a decent amount of Phoenix Credits, crafting resources, and even some other loot each and every time you complete it. Needless to say, this probably isn’t something the developers intended to happen. Hence the reason it’s referred to as an exploit.

Don’t take this as The Division being a bad game. Nearly every game on the planet has some sort of weird glitch, cheat, or exploit that allows players to do something they’re really not supposed to. It won’t be long at all before Ubisoft tracks down the cause of this one and closes it quick with a game update.