The Division: Phoenix Credits – What They Are and How to Get Them

Once you’ve hit the level cap in Tom Clancy’s The Division and have made significant progress in the Dark Zone, you’ll find that you need a new currency to purchase high-level weapons, armor, and mods from vendors that sell them in both your Base of Operations and within the DZ itself.┬áThe currency is called Phoenix Credits.

The Division Phoenix Credits

These special credits are used to purchase a variety of weapons, armor pieces, mods, and more that require players to be at agent level 30 and have a DZ rank of 50. As one would expect, these items are of incredible rarity and are some of the best in the game.

The Division Phoenix Credits

In order to buy them you’ll need a decent collection of Phoenix Credits. That’s the only currency the Special Gear Vendor (the guy found in your Base of Operations) and Dark Zone Special Vendor accept for these particular items.

How to Get Credits

Now that you know what this currency is and what it’s used for there’s an even bigger task to consider – how do you actually get credits? Well, there are a few different ways you can get them. These are listed below.

Daily and Weekly Activities

Dailies and weeklies are one of the most consistent and simplest sources of Phoenix Credits available. After you’ve leveled your agent up to the cap (lvl 30) you’ll instantly gain access to daily missions. These are mostly just standard PvE missions, but often require the player to complete them on hard mode.

The Division Daily Missions

Doing this means facing off against tougher AI opponents. In a lot of cases that means you’ll be fighting elite enemies or something similar rather than the easier foes. So when you take on these dailies, expect to see a decent number of yellow and purple bar baddies.

The good thing about this, however, is that you’ll not only rack up some Phoenix Credits, but you’ll also have better loot drops altogether.

Join the Ubisoft Club

Ubisoft actually has a loyalty program for gamers that play any of their games called the Ubisoft Club. All you have to do is register an account and start earning Uplay credits. These credits are obtained by simply playing the game regularly.

Once you’ve racked up enough Uplay credits you can actually exchange them for Phoenix Credits for The Division. There are other in-game rewards you can receive for participating in the Club, too. It’s not the most effective method, but it’s definitely worth doing since you’re already playing the game, why not earn bonus credits for it? It’s fast and easy.

Don’t Take the Easy Route

Finally, another way to earn more Phoenix Credits while playing The Division is to simply ramp up the difficulty setting on any story missions, security missions, or anything else you do that gives you the option of choosing a harder mode to play on.

Again, this will result in having to take down enemies with a lot more health and weapons that will deal a lot more damage to your character, but the risk is worth the reward. Once you complete the objective with the higher difficulty enabled you’ll score bonus Phoenix Credits, more experience, higher chances of better loot, and more.

In other words – don’t take the easy road. Hard mode may take a little longer to complete (especially if you’re playing solo), but if you can handle the heat you’ll walk away with more rewards.

Easy Phoenix Credit Farming

As of right now it seems that the most effective way to farm credits is to simply run the challenge mode over and over again. Each run typically takes around 20 minutes to complete and will net you around 30 credits. When The Division first released it was a lot easier to earn the credits, but now they’ve nerfed most of the farming tricks.

This was to be expected, though. They’ve got to make the game last up until each DLC pack releases. As with most online loot-based RPGs – this game is going to be all about the grind. Just keep truckin’!

Not quite ready for end-game grinding? Still struggling to get your Agent leveled up enough to start thinking about the end-game content? Be sure to read our leveling tips to learn how to quickly reach level 30 in the main game.

Have you found a fast way to earn Phoenix Credits that isn’t listed above? Drop a comment below to let the rest of the community know!