The Division Skills Guide: Everything to Know About Skills

In The Division there isn’t a predetermined set of classes that players pick from to figure out their role in the game. Instead, the game allows players to develop their character to fit their personal playing style, much like other popular RPGs. One of the basic building blocks of your character build are your skills.

In order to access skill mods the player must continue building the Base of Operations by upgrading the Medical, Tech, and Security wings. Unlock requirements are identified below for each skill.

The Division Skills

Skills are abilities that, depending on which you select for your character, allow you to do a number of things including using tactical equipment, deploying shields for cover against enemy fire, increase your damage output, heal allied players, and more.

The Division Skills

Skills, unlike Perks or Talents, are active abilities. This means the player can use them at any time but, after use, they have a cooldown time. The player must wait for the skill to recharge before being able to use it again.

Skills are grouped into three different categories:

  • Medical
  • Technology
  • Security

Medical Skills

Within the medical skill category players will find abilities that are best suited for support roles. These include the ability to heal other players, giving tactical advantages to yourself or your squad, and so on.

The Division Medical Skills

The known skills within this group are:

Pulse – Sends out a pulse that locates and identifies enemies within close proximity. While active, enemies will be highlighted, even through walls and behind objects.

  • Mod 1: Recon Pack – Increases the range of the pulse, plus enables the pulse to detect and identify loot caches within the area.
  • Mod 2: Scrambler – With this modification Pulse will also jam enemy Pulse waves, making it impossible for them to detect you or your squad with the same ability.
  • Mod 3: Tactical Scanner – Overall damage output increases against any enemies that are identified by the Pulse scan.
  • Master: Threat Detector – Notifies players of enemies that are coming into their vicinity and tells you and your squad if you’ve been detected via an enemy Pulse scan.

Mods require Quarantine upgrade to Medical Wing.

First Aid – Gives the player the ability to provide healing to all allied players within a close proximity. This ability can be used directly where the player stands or even dispatched to friendly players that are within range.

  • Mod 1: Defibrillator – Gives the player the ability to revive downed teammates. Upon revival the downed player will have a portion of their health restored, not all.
  • Mod 2: Overdose – Makes the First Aid device heal even better and has a chance of temporarily giving players more overall health than normal.
  • Mod 3: Booster Shot – On top of healing the device will increase the damage output of players within the healing field for a short time.
  • Master: Extended Service – The healing device will remain active for a longer period of time.

Support Station – Player will drop a Support Station which, like First Aid, provides healing and has the ability to bring players back to life from being downed.

  • Mod 1: Device will revive all downed allied players within close proximity.
  • Mod 2: Device will cleanse nearby allies of inflicted debuffs.
  • Mod 3: Speeds up the recharge rate of skills for all nearby allied players. Also allows players to recover ammo.
  • Master: Upon disabling of the device all nearby allied players will receiving additional healing.

Mods require Virus Lab upgrade to Medical Wing.

Recovery Link – Another healing unit that will provide health to nearby allies and revive downed players.

  • Mod 1: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 2: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 3: UNKNOWN
  • Master: UNKNOWN

Mods require Disaster Aid upgrade to Medical Wing.

Technology Skills

Skills within the Technology category give players access to use of advanced tactical equipment such as remote explosives and turrets. These are primarily intended to be offensive capabilities and are best suited for players looking to deal a lot of damage.

The Division Tech Skills

The know skills within this group are:

Sticky Bomb – Gives player access to a bomb that can be fired and stuck onto nearly any surface. Explodes when player detonates the bomb remotely.

  • Mod 1: BFB – Increases overall damage and blast radius of the bomb. Also has a chance at inflicting bleed on enemies caught in the explosion.
  • Mod 2: Flashbang – Rather than causing physical damage upon detonation, the bomb will emit a flash which temporarily blinds and disables enemies within close proximity.
  • Mod 3: Proximity Fuse – Rather than exploding via remote detonation, the bomb can now detect when an enemy is nearby and explode automatically when it senses an enemy is within its blast radius.
  • Master: Stealthy Bomb – The bomb becomes harder to discover. It emits less light and the volume of its sound is reduced.

Mods require Generators upgrade to Tech Wing.

Turret – Allows the player to deploy a turret which will fire at nearby enemies. The turret will last until it either runs out of health or the battery dies.

  • Mod 1: Active Sensor – Increases the overall damage output of the turret. Additionally, any enemies struck with fire from the turret will be highlighted for both the player and any allied players.
  • Mod 2: Dragonbreath – Rather than firing bullets the turret will now dish out a stream of flames. Range takes a hit with this mod active, though.
  • Mod 3: Zapper – Converts the turret to electrical ammunition. Shots have a chance of chaining to multiple enemies at once.
  • Master: Upon being destroyed the turret will erupt into a hearty explosion which causes moderate damage to enemies within the blast radius.

Mods require the Control Room upgrade to the Tech Wing.

Seeker Mine – As the name implies, this is an explosive device that is autonomous and, upon use, will actively seek out nearby enemies. Once it detects a hostile it will explode, dealing damage.

  • Mod 1: Airburst – Once used the mine will be tossed into the air where it will release a group of incendiary explosives that damage nearby foes.
  • Mod 2: Gas Charge – When the mine explodes it will also create a cloud of gas between nearby enemies.
  • Mod 3: Cluster – Upon usage the mine will split into several smaller seeking mines. Each one will seek out hostiles and explode. The damage is lower, but allows the user to hit multiple targets at once.
  • Master: Seeking Betty – This modification makes the mine more intelligent. It allows the mine to jump onto or over deployed covers. Additionally, the mine is more precise in its targeting.

Mods require the Communications upgrade to the Tech Wing.

Tactical Link – Improves the overall damage output and crit hit chances for the player and allied players in the immediate proximity.

  • Mod 1: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 2: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 3: UNKNOWN
  • Master: UNKNOWN

Security Skills

Skills within the security category are mostly defensive capabilities such as shields and speed buffs. These skills are useful for players that wish to play a supportive, tank, or hybrid support-tank role.

The Division Security Skills

The known skills within this group are:

Ballistic Shield – Allows the player to equip a portable shield that is capable of blocking incoming damage. While the shield is active the player is only allowed to use their sidearm weapon.

  • Mod 1: Reactive Targeting – The shield becomes tougher, yet lighter. Also, any enemy that fires at it will automatically become pulsed (highlighted for the player and allied players).
  • Mod 2: Assault Shield – With this shield equipped the player’s sidearm becomes more powerful with improved damage, better accuracy, a quicker reload, and knockback capabilities.
  • Mod 3: Kinetic Breaker – Converts some incoming damage into restored health for the player.
  • Master: If the shield takes no damage for a period of time it will automatically restore some of its health, extending its usage time.

Smart Cover – While active this skill reinforces an existing cover. While in the cover the player’s overall damage output is increased. Allies within the cover will have reduced incoming damage.

  • Mod 1: Trapper – Any enemies that are using cover will automatically deal less damage to you, yet take more damage dealt by you or your allies.
  • Mod 2: Recharger – Any allied players that are using a reinforced cover will have a slow, steady regeneration of health. Additionally, all skills will recharge slightly faster.
  • Mod 3: Concealment – Any allied players that are using reinforced cover are immune to enemy Pulse abilities and have reduced threat. Additionally, whenever allies hit enemy targets from behind cover the enemies are automatically highlighted.
  • Master: Cover Trail – Extends the effects of cover for a short while even after the player has left the cover area.

Mods require the Situation Room upgrade to the Security Wing.

Mobile Cover – Allows the user to deploy a temporary, mobile cover for a single player. This provides regular cover for the player until the cover is destroyed.

  • Mod 1: Extension – The deployed cover is more powerful and is now able to be used by up to two players.
  • Mod 2: The cover is outfitted with explosives on the front side which can explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies that are in front of you.
  • Mod 3: This modification buffs the overall damage output of the player within the cover and makes you immune to enemy Pulses.
  • Master: Once the shield is disabled from enemy fire, allies located behind the cover will receive additional damage resistance for a short period of time.

Mods require the Armory upgrade to the Security Wing.

Survivor Link – Provides a temporary increase to the player and allies’ damage resistance and movement speed.

  • Mod 1: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 2: UNKNOWN
  • Mod 3: UNKNOWN
  • Master: UNKNOWN

NOTE: Fields listed as ‘unknown’ will be updated once official information is released. Also, if any additional skills are made available or if skills listed above are removed in the final build of the game, we will update this page to reflect those changes.

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