The Division Developers to Start Permanently Banning Cheaters

According to Ubisoft’s¬†community developer for Tom Clancy’s The Division, players that participate in cheating will soon find themselves permanently banned from the game.¬†Yanncik Banchereau claims that cheating is a huge issue on the PC version of the game and has stated that the development team wishes to start weeding out the bad eggs.

Banchereau said that cheating doesn’t seem to be much of a problem on the Xbox One or Playstation 4 builds of the game, but PC players are regularly abusing the system with hacks and other cheats. The developers plan to utilize both manual reports sent in by other players and an automatic flagging system to locate and ban cheaters.


Banchereau did say, however, that the team is currently attempting to create a better system of catching hackers that will be implemented in the future. For now, though, PC players are encouraged to use the in-game reporting system to identify cheaters when they come across them.

Of course, this means that the Ubisoft team will have to manually review cases on an individual basis because, well, many players often abuse the reporting system itself by reporting players simply because they’re angry that they’ve been beaten by them or that they have the best weapons and gear in the game.

Nevertheless, it’s great that Ubisoft is beginning to take notice of these problems and wants to start dishing out harsh punishments to discourage players from cheating in The Division to begin with. This will deter some hackers, but likely won’t make a huge dent in the cheating population simply because it requires a lot of manual labor to sift through community reports, determine if a player was actually cheating, and implement a penalty.

Based on the information provided by the community developer, Ubisoft is not looking to hand out bans to players that take advantage of game exploits (such as the ones that give players nearly limitless amounts of Phoenix Credits or other items), but rather those that actually hack the game’s code to alter their characters to their advantage.


    Okay first of all not all PC Gamers are cheats. It’s actually the developers fault for not securing the game so it cannot be hacked. Bearing in mind these guys are intelligent. Its a game of it and miss and a lot of testing to make sure you have the correct combination for that particular key stroke. To crack the game in the first place is a stoke of genius nevertheless to enable a PC player to cheat is an achievement in itself.

    I haven’t played a game on my PC in over a year since I bought my PS4. I’m nether in support, nor am I condoning the developers choice to ban users who are cheating. This is my opinion on the matter.

    • CLPettigrew

      Not all PC gamers are cheaters, but most are.

      • SYBINK

        …Um I agree but I was trying to give a positive negative response. I was a PC gamers for decades until I seen the light and got a Games Console and haven’t played any games on my PC for over a year now. Not once did I ever cheat because if you do… you are earning XP points by false pretences. I agree most PC gamers are cheaters because they use Trainers.