The Division’s Locations Are Nearly Identical to Real-Life

It’s not often that game designers get the recognition and praise that they deserve. Some of these guys spend countless hours meticulously putting together environments that make gamers feel truly immersed in the game. That is definitely the case with Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Just check out some of the in-game shots side-by-side with their real-world counterparts below…

The Division Brooklyn Office

The Division Manhattan Bridge Underside

The first set shows the character looking at an office building in Brooklyn and then an actual photo of the same location near 155 Water St.

The second set gives you a look at the player walking through an underpass in-game, and then a real-life photo of the underside of the Manhattan bridge from which the designer gained inspiration for the scenery.

As you can see, the guys and gals from Ubisoft that worked on the game world did a terrific job of capturing the NY environment to near-perfection. The in-game shots are almost identical to the real-world locations. It’s truly amazing the amount of work these designers put into The Division.

Thanks to Reddit user jam510 for these awesome comparison images.