Ubisoft Outlines Post-Launch Plans for The Division

Ubisoft, the developer behind the open-world, third-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, has outlined their plans for continuing the game after launch. According to the recently published blog post the developers currently have 3 major expansions and some free DLC planned.

The Division Post Launch Plans

The expansions revealed include:

  • Underground
  • Survival
  • Last Stand

Underground will supposedly give players access to a new area set beneath NYC in a post-epidemic setting.

Survival, according to Ubisoft, will be another new environment, but this one is geared toward diehard, skilled players and will present even greater challenges and missions to play through.

No information was provided for Last Stand other than the fact that it will be the last expansion released.

Ubisoft also went on to detail some nifty bonuses that players will receive if they purchase the Season Pass by launch day. They stated that players who own the pass and play on the first day of release will receive an exclusive sawed-off shotgun, a few new outfits, and even some nifty weapon skins. The developer also claims that season pass holders will get access to additional perks including special content drops and events that will be added in each month.

Don’t plan to sink any money into expansions just yet? No worries, Ubisoft also has a few surprises planned for all players that will be available completely free of charge. These will come throughout the course of the year and will include new game modes, co-op missions, and more, plus additional rewards for completing them.

Source: [Ubisoft Blog]