The Division Vendors Guide: All Vendor Locations and Details

In TC The Division one method of getting your hands on some of the best weapons, armor, and other valuable items in the game is to simply purchase them from various vendors located in both the PvE world and the Dark Zone. These sellers are available to all players and are crucial to getting gear, especially when you’re just getting started. Below we’ve provided a full list of all vendor locations in the game and other details about them.

The Division Vendors

Vendors are, by definition, are NPCs (non-playable characters) that sell a number of different items. The items available will depend on which vendor you’re checking out and where you are in the game. There are multiple vendor types in The Division including, gear, weapon, Dark Zone, special, mod, clothes, and reward claim vendors.

The Division Vendors

Below you’ll find a list of all known vendors and their locations.

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Base Vendors

In every player’s Base of Operations there are a few different vendors available. These include a weapon vendor, gear vendor, and mods vendor. These guys are available from the start, but do not typically offer super great items. These are mainly there to help you when you’re first getting going in The Division.

Weapon Vendor Locations

Obviously these NPCs sell armaments including assault rifles, marksman rifles, pistols, SMGs, shotguns, and more. These are mostly useful when you’re just getting started and playing up through level 30.

  • Camp Hudson Hub
  • Kerman Station
  • The Crypt
  • The Grindhouse
  • The Last Call
  • The Meat Locker
  • Wolves Den

Gear Vendor Locations

These guys sell mostly armor and other gear pieces such as vests, backpacks, gloves, and so on. Again, most of them are only worth visiting if you’re under the level cap, but they still sell decent stuff.

  • Autumn’s Hope
  • Camp Hudson Hub
  • Dante’s Run
  • Kerman Station
  • Madison’s Stand
  • Southpaw
  • The Cavern
  • The Firewall
  • The Ward

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Dark Zone Vendors

These NPCs are, as the name implies, only accessible in the Dark Zone. They tend to sell items of higher rarity including high-end weapons and powerful gear. You’ll need some credits and a decent DZ rank to purchase most items, though, so be sure to grind the DZ a good bit before checking out their inventory. They are found in safe houses in the various zones.

The Division Dark Zone Special Vendors

  • DZ 2 – Gear Vendor
  • DZ 3 – Weapon Vendor
  • DZ 4 – Gear Modifications Vendor
  • DZ 5 – Weapon Modifications Vendor

NOTE: In DZ 6 you’ll find special Dark Zone vendors that sell very strong and rare items including high-end guns, some great blueprints that you can use for crafting, and some pretty awesome gear. These vendors require that you be at agent level 30 and DZ rank 50 to buy anything. In addition to those prerequisites you’ll also need to have Phoenix Credits to purchase items from their inventory.

Rewards Vendors

Did you pre-order The Division? If you did you were more than likely guaranteed special in-game DLC items such as outfits, weapon skins, and more. In order to collect these items you have to visit a special NPC in the game.

The Division Rewards Claim Vendor

The Rewards Claim Vendor is a special character that allows players to pick up their DLC items within the game. He is located in the Base of Operations (toward the back). It’s important to note, however, that he has been a bit glitchy and will sometimes refuse to cough up your items. If that happens to you be sure to contact Ubisoft support for assistance.

Clothing Vendors

Want to change up your agent’s appearance a bit to make him/her a bit more unique to you? Well, you can do that by picking up different outfits and clothes at the cloth vendor. This seller becomes available once players have built the Base of Operations, completed the Madison Square Garden mission, and have gotten the Supply Line upgrade for the Security Wing.

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  • David Pickles

    am i missing something here but shouldn’t there be a map or something showing the actual locations ?

  • The Dark Zone Special Vendor in DZ6 doesn’t require you to be Level 50 anymore, and they take DZ Points now instead of Pheonix credits.

    • David Pickles

      dz rank levels are still there in some vendors.