The Division: Weapon Talents Guide

In Tom Clancy’s The Division one of the biggest aspects of the game is finding weapons. There are tons in the game and many of them have varying stats. One thing that you’ll notice is that nearly all weapons have a special name affixed to them such as Accurate, Coolheaded, Ferocious, and more than 30 others.

These names are known as weapon talents. They signify special attributes that each gun has. The talents range from simplistic accuracy bonuses to gaining buffs upon getting a kill with a gun. Below we’ve provided a complete list of all known weapon talents in the game to help you better understand what each one does.

The Division Weapon Talents

The Division Weapon Talents

Below is the full list of talents that are known to exist so far for the guns in the game.

Accurate – Provides a bonus to overall weapon accuracy. % varies.

Adept – Using skills increases crit hit chance for a duration of 5 seconds. Percentage varies.

Capable – Using skills grants a handling bonus to your weapons for 5 seconds.

Commanding – While signature skill is active, every kill extends the skill duration. % varies.

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Competent – Provides increased weapon damage for 10 seconds after the use of a skill. Damage increase percentage varies.

Coolheaded – Skill cooldowns are reduced whenever player executes a headshot. % varies.

Deadly – Provides a buff to overall crit hit damage.

Destructive – Provides a buff to armor destruction value while using the equipped weapon.

Determined – Slightly reduces cooldowns of skills whenever the player earns a kill. Percentage varies.

Expert – Increases weapon damage by x% whenever the enemy is below a certain amount of health.

Ferocious – Increases damage against Elite and named enemies.

Fierce – Provides a bonus to crit hit chance.

Meticulous – Upon a kill, the weapon has a chance to instantly refill its magazine. % varies.

Prepared – Increases damage against enemies when firing from 40 meters or further away.

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Provident – The last bullet of each magazine deals bonus damage. % varies.

Restored – Upon getting a kill, weapon will remove all negative status effects from the player.

Stable – Grants additional weapon stability. % varies.

Sustained – Each kill increases your overall health by x%.

Swift – Reload speed is faster.

Dominant – With your signature skill active, every kill with the weapon results in a slightly reduced cooldown time for all of your other skills.

Talented – Each kill with the gun increases Skill Power by x% for a duration of 5 seconds. This does not stack.

Unforgiving – For each missing segment of your health, weapon gains a bonus to damage output. % varies.

Vicious – When your character is at full health the weapon receives increased crit hit chance.

Predatory – Each kill results in 5.5% of overall health being regenerated over the course of 5 seconds.

Self Preserved – Each successful critical hit with the weapon heals the player (0.80% per damage dealt).

Intense – The first round from every magazine has a 13% chance of inflicting On Fire status on enemies.

Responsive – Buffs weapon damage by 5% whenever the player fires at an enemy from 10 meters or closer away.

Toxic – All headshots executed with the weapon have a 5% chance to inflict Blind.

Trained – Successful critical hits increase overall Signature Skill resources by 1%.

Harmful – All hits have a 3% chance to inflict Bleed on enemies.

Balanced – Weapon is given maxed accuracy faster when shouldered.

Brutal – Overall damage dealt with headshots is increased by xx% with the gun.

Skilled – Headshot kills with the weapon increase your Signature Skills by x%.

Fordernd – Kills obtained while using your active skill increase overall skill duration by x%.

Proficient – First round fired from “out of combat” status has a xx% chance to be a crit hit.